Our experience and your solar installation are the best combination when it comes to ensuring high levels of comfort and well being in your home, and giving you a reliable, consistent financial saving along with clean and responsible energy consumption. SOLARHOME offers you these services to help you become your own energy producer, without variable or deferred costs, and as efficiently and reliably as possible.

What is included?

Energy Audit: we review your installations, analyse your consumption and study your requirements in order to provide you with the best possible solution for your home.


Pre Installation Survey:  we design and install the best technical solution for you. We advise you on the best position for your solar installation, so that it provides the maximum energy efficiency, while at the same time blending in with your architectural and natural surroundings.


Installation and setting up: we place our long experience in solar engineering at your disposal. Our wealth of experience in projects large and small enables us to offer you a superior choice of materials, engineers and installation technicians, so that all you have to do is enjoy the comfort and savings brought by your new installation.

Project and Administrative Formalities: if you require, we can help you with the initial financing of your project.


Applying for, and obtaining, the connection point; expediting the installation with the General Directorate for Energy and Climate Change; dealing with the technical access contract; supervising the checking of electrical measuring and production equipment; closure or amendment of the contract for access to supply, with the option, depending on the installation system, of arranging for registration in the Register of Producers and in the Register of Self Consumers.


Payment and Finance: if you require, we can help you with the initial financing of your project.

The 6 steps to becoming a solarhome






Paperwork and acceptance


Legal and administrative procedures